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History & Frequently Asked Questions

About Us


Our experience, Your lifestyle

Before Creative Conversions was converting Landcruiser's into Dual-Cab Utes, we were better known as Rustrite. Founded in 1988, Rustrite was a humble panel shop located on the Redcliffe Peninsula. In 1996 we moved from Redcliffe to Brendale, starting out on South-Pine Road. While honing our well-known skill for shaping, filling and painting vehicle bodies, we started to dabble in Dual-Cab conversions and chassis extensions, with the first ever conversion being done in 1998 on a 60 series Landcruiser. From 2001 we took the leap to no longer do panel and paint repairs and started only doing conversions and chassis extensions. In 2002 we outgrew our current facility and moved from South-Pine Road to our current manufacturing facility on the corner of Pinnacle Street and Unley Street in Brendale QLD. While we converted and extended all sorts of vehicles, our bread and butter were the Toyota Landcruiser's, evolving as the vehicles themselves evolved from the 60 series, 80 series and 100 series. But the pinnacle of our manufacturing process was the 200 series Landcruiser.

This conversion was the one that put us on the map. Our 200 series Dual-Cab conversions exploded in popularity, and as demand grew, so did we. In 2010 we got our first Federal Approval for the 200 series conversion. From there our conversions became a common sight not only on Australian Roads, but on Australian television screens too. Creative first partnered up with All4Adventure back in 2010 and have been building vehicles for them ever since. In 2020 with the end of the Landcruiser 200 Series only 16 months away Creative Conversions undertook a major growth and transformation initiative to be a focused and capable Full Volume specialised 2nd Stage Vehicle Manufacturer specialising in Landcruiser Conversions. Investing in facilities, equipment, people, processes and systems to enable 250 Brand New Landcruiser Dual-Cab Conversions to be completed in 2021. This coupled with approx. 40 Landcruiser 79 Wheelbase extensions cemented Creative Conversions as the most capable Landcruiser Conversion Company in Australia.

Now we are at the forefront of the LC 300 series design, innovation and conversion, we have completed a 11 month and $2m dollar development program and we are now ready to give our all to build your dream vehicle. Our new LC 300 series models are truly OEM original factory standard delivery a significantly enhanced vehicle.

So, when we say “Our experience, your Lifestyle” you know that you have 30 years of manufacturing experience behind your vehicle.




A – Gross Vehicle Mass. This is the maximum that your vehicle can weigh at any and all times. This weight includes all permanent accessories, fuel, people and cargo.

A – Our Configuration 3 for our 300 Series Dual-Cab provides a 4200kg Braked Towing Capacity (BTC) using appropriately selected componentry which includes a robust chassis and rear-differential, load-rated wheels and tyres, sophisticated suspension, and supporting towing equipment. 

A – 1450mm long and 2000mm wide. Please note that this configuration is not designed to carry heavy loads as most of the wieght will be behind the rear-axle.
A – Approximately 2650kg as a Cab-Chassis. This will vary between Toyota Models and your preferred Dual-Cab Configuration.
A – No, all extension lengths are the same price. This price will only vary between Toyota Models and our Configuration options.

A – For our 700mm variant, a tray size of 1900mm (L) x 2000mm (W) is standard. For our 800mm variant, the tray length can be 2100mm.

A – 33 working days for the average conversion. This time will vary depending on your selected Configuration and post-compliance accessories.