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The ultimate Touring-Towing and Work Vehicle is here!

The Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser has proven itself to be the ideal foundation for the perfect work truck or touring rig, and consequently it now forms the vast majority of all conversions we do.

There are five main reasons why people want to convert a 200 Series into an extended dual-cab:

  1. Increased towing ability up to 4.2t
  2. More powerful engine
  3. Automatic gearbox
  4. Passenger and driver comfort
  5. Toyota’s reliability – Largest dealer support network

Wheelbase extensions available – 650/750mm


Extension Options

Our standard wheelbase Dual-Cab conversion can be a good option for the right customer, these conversions keep the vehicle manoeuvrable while still allowing the vehicle to have a tray or canopy, while short, that offers utility. While the ideal length of these trays and canopies is around the 1200-1400mm, vehicle dynamics do require that the weight be kept down as much as possible. This conversion is ideal for a customer that is into serious four-wheel driving as this allows for good ramp-over angles or for customers who have limited space to store their vehicle.

This extension length is the staple of our chassis extension process. It is our most popular extension size due to it retaining the most manoeuvrability out of all our extension lengths, while also having the space to fit an 1800-1900mm tray or canopy. Combined with the maximum width of 2 metres this allows for a tray or canopy bigger than most Dual-Cab Utes.

The 750mm extension length is our second most popular extension as it is suitable for people wanting to maximise tray space for a large canopy to live out of. Being that it is a longer extension, it makes it ideal for towing. The ideal tray or canopy length for this extension is 2-2.1m

Canopy Or Tray

As a manufacturer we work with all Tray and Canopy companies nationally and assist them with the development of a variety of tray or canopy packages to compliment your wheelbase extension. These tray’s/canopies are the pinnacle of design and functionality and have been tested by Jase while shooting All 4 Adventure.
Available as a Compact Series, the canopies come in at 1500mm long or 1900mm long for the standard models. The trays or canopies are available between 1900mm-1986mm
Width is 2000mm length and headboard 925mm.

Available as a Compact Series at 1500mm long or 1900mm long for the standard models.

Width is 2000mm length and headboard 925mm.