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Created to perform and designed for life!

Combining this with our extensive experience we believe we have turned the LC300 into the ultimate Touring- Towing and or Work vehicle! In November of 2021 after many hours of planning Creative Conversions commenced, the full volume 2nd Stage manufacturing (SSM) process on the Toyota 300 Series Landcruiser, converting it from a wagon to a very capable NB1 commercial, Dual-Cab that is now available in 3 Conversion Model options with 2 wheelbase options.

With the new 300 series hitting the market red hot, it was important that we addressed the audience that would be looking to convert the new high tech, user integrated and refined Landcruiser into a Dual-cab for their Touring, Towing and Work needs! With the new Landcruiser on the market, it appealed to a wider audience to those looking for the reliability and capability the Toyota brand has created through its many series, whilst having upgraded technology and comfort. Our Models were designed with this in mind. As a SSM it was important with the 300 series that we showed we were a vehicle manufacturer first and give you the option later to add accessories. Our packages now have the relevant standard equipment, giving each package a set capability and use for you to build around what you want, whether it be Touring, Towing or Work!

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Extension Options

This extension length is the staple of our chassis extension process. It is our most popular extension size due to it retaining the most manoeuvrability out of all our extension lengths, while also having the space to fit an 1800mm-2100mm tray or canopy. Combined with the maximum width of 2 metres this allows for a tray or canopy bigger than most Dual-Cab Utes. As a guide, a 1980mm tray or canopy will suit both extensions with the 700mm extension having a longer rear overhang than the 800mm.

The 800mm extension length is our second most popular extension as it is suitable for people wanting to maximise tray or canopy space for a large canopy to live out of. Being that it is a longer extension, it makes it ideal for towing. The ideal tray or canopy length for this extension is 1800mm-2100mm.

Toyota Dealer Redirection
To assist with the huge amount of interest and the busy production schedule, we do recommend speaking with your Toyota dealer to have the vehicle re-directed straight from Japan to our production facility to save on transport cost and to have the best chance of an earlier start date and a federally approved GCM on your conversion!