Our process
LC300 Dual Cab Conversion

Our process
LC300 Dual Cab Conversion

The All New LC300 Dual Cab is complete! In November of 2021 after many hours of planning Creative Conversions commenced, the full volume 2nd Stage manufacturing (SSM) process on the Toyota 300 Series Landcruiser, converting it from a wagon to a very capable NB1 commercial Dual Cab that will be available in 3 Conversion options.

The Toyota brand is built to last, created to perform and designed for life! Combining this with our extensive experience we believe we have turned the LC300 into the ultimate Touring- Towing and or Work vehicle!

In the last two years Creative Conversions has expanded our team and modernised our production facility to enable improved quality, production flow and reduce lead-times.

Our R&D team, engineers, production teams, admin and sales and marketing teams have been working around the clock through the development of the updated 2nd stage manufacturing process and product.

300 Series Toyota Landcruiser

Every area has been looked at, and with our carefully selected and correctly engineered upgraded component partners, adhering to significantly more stringent full volume federal approval systems and standards, we can now offer you 3 model options of 2nd stage of manufacture conversion for your 300 series Landcruiser.

Conversion Option 1: Dual Cab Conversion 700 or 800mm extension 3800GVM- 3500 TOW with combined GCM 7300Kgs

Conversion Option 2: Dual Cab Conversion 700 or 800mm extension 4495 GVM- 3500 TOW with combined GCM 7995kgs

Conversion Option 3: Dual Cab Conversion 700 or 800mm extension 4495 GVM- 4200 TOW with combined GCM 8200kgs

300 Series Dual Cab Conversion

These optimal 700mm or 800mm wheelbase extensions will offer options for a range of customer specific tray or canopy options ranging from 1800mm – 2100mm Tray or Canopy.

As a guide a 1980mm tray or canopy will suit both extensions with the 700mm Extension having a longer rear overhang than the 800mm.

To assist with the huge amount of interest and the busy production schedule,

We do recommend speaking with your Toyota dealer to have the vehicle re-directed straight from Japan to our production facility to save on transport cost and to have the best chance of an earlier start date and a federally approved GCM on your conversion!