Our process
In development prototype 300 Series

Our process
In development prototype 300 Series

The team and engineers are working through the 2nd Stage Manufacturing process 24/7- Brakes, Weight and Load, Suspension, Strength, Accessories, Wheels, Tyres, Design, Structure, Paint, Panel and Electrical are just some of the areas we have been designing and developing through the initial R&D process!

We are still anticipating and are on track to be able to provide detailed schedule dates, pricing, conversion and accessory options Mid June, with production slots to commence from May 2022!

300 Series Toyota Landcruiser

We are targeting to initially offer a Dual Cab Conversion with two options of optimum wheelbase extension lengths- 700mm and 800mm extension, and 3 options of GVM/GCM

  • 3800 GVM-3500 Tow
  • 4200 GVM-4200 Tow
  • 4495 GVM-3500 Tow


300 Series Dual Cab Conversion

To assist with the huge amount of interest and the busy production schedule,

We do recommend speaking with your Toyota dealer to have the vehicle re-directed straight from Japan to our production facility to save on transport cost and to have the best chance of an earlier start date and a federally approved GCM on your conversion!